4 Perfect Outfits for Christmas Day

4 Perfect Outfits for Christmas Day

From the beach to that ritzy dinner.

We all do Christmas a little differently, so we’ve curated our favourite 4 outfits for all occasions. Stick to golds, reds and most importantly… Anything to hide the food baby!

4 perfect outfits for Christmas Day - Outfit 1


1) The BBQ brunch

If you can steer clear from the red wine at the BBQ, you’ll look day time chic in a little white dress. Team it with black accessories to keep it classy and save those tacky pom-pom earrings your Aunty gave you last year (the ones that light up…. Don’t deny it, we’ve all had them). Invest in a statement pair in your metal of choice; our pick this season is anything gold by G Dali.

4 perfect outfits for Christmas Day - Outfit 2 @_gracek


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2) The beach day

It’s the Aussie Christmas classic - a day at the beach with the fam. Whilst we’re all for dolling up, if you’re playing sun and sand - go for something uber comfortable. Our Shona Joy Lido Spritz T-Shirt mini is just the thing. Play it up with a belt and a cool hat. Stylish AND sun-safe (aka, winning).

4 perfect outfits for Christmas Day - Outfit 3



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3) The day-to-night event

If red wouldn’t usually be on your list of colours to wear, Christmas is the perfect time to be bold and test the waters. It’s the perfect shade for that afternoon thing. Effortlessly transition with a few simple swaps - loafers for heels, a nude lip for a vampy red.

4 perfect outfits for Christmas Day - Outfit 4



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4) Somewhere fancy

Heading somewhere dressy this Chrissy? A two-piece set will be your ticket to head-turning. Our pick? Gold embellishments, nude tones and thigh-high splits by Eliya The Label. With so much detail up-top, go for a classic nude heel and clutch.

4 perfect outfits for Christmas Day - Outfit 5



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