New year, new (more stylish) you

New year, new (more stylish) you

The wardrobe staples to see you through 2018

You know how the saying goes. New year, new need for clothes. Our list of go-to wardrobe staples are guaranteed to be repeat offenders for 2018 and will be those investment pieces you’ll be glad you bought. (Bec and Bridge Anouk Mini as seen on @alice__q)

1) Statement earrings

We’re leaving behind those tacky, tarnished earrings behind in 2017. Say bye Felicia to cheap jewels and HELLO to gorgeous, hand-crafted pieces in gold and silver. You’ll wear By G earrings over and over this year, so you’d best invest.


[products ids="27019, 26847, 26870, 27006" columns="4"]

2) Millenial Pink everything

We’ve checked in with our fashion weather reporter, and there’s a strong chance of Milennial Pink in 2018. A flowy playsuit, a tie-up top or sweet midi dress -miillennial pink doesn’t discriminate.

(Runaway Lost Island Set as seen on @elleggreen)


[products ids="28173, 26594, 28168, 28150" columns="4"]

3) A little black bag

Whether a patent leather or something more matte is your thing, with a little black bag you’ll get away with murder this year. And the best part? She never stains, and she always matches.

Nakedvice 90210 Bag as seen on @_hollyt)


[products ids="26272, 28206, 26283, 27597" columns="4"]

4) Anything by Bec & Bridge

Meet the Aussie label you’ll be coveting this year. From the Jenner-Kardashian clan to Aussie model Mimi Elashiry, this label has been worn and loved by fashionistas all over. You’ll find something perfect for every occasion - from flocked mini dresses to linen beach throws.

(Bec and Bride Anouk Mini Dress as seen on @kendalljenner)


[products ids="28524, 27275, 26887, 25981" columns="4"]

5) A classic belt

Buckle up, babe. You’re in for a real ride this year. Tie your outfit together a feel like an absolute boss with a big-buckle belt. And forget those belt loops! We don’t need them to throw one on. Simply cinch at the waist and voila!

(Nakedvice Maya Belt in Gold as seen on @jayegreen)


[products ids="26284, 20954, 24134 , 24138" columns="4"]

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